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Find all Members

    Find all versions of a source file

    This is program will use system file QADBXREF and locate all source files on the system.   It then takes the source file name that you passed in and does a check object.  If found it writes it to a subfile display.  Once the search is complete you will be able to copy;display;edit(strsda if Display file).   A nice modification would be a generic search function. ex. PROGR*
    Once again modifications are encouraged and Please send back new version and I will place your modification mark on the source and the website.

    OBJECTS FIND CMD Find where source is located. FNDSRCD DSPF Find Source Member Location. FNDSRCR SQLRPGLE Find Source Member Location.

    API’s USED
    QUSRMBRD   - Retrieve member description
    QCMDEXC    - Run CLP commands in RPG
    SYSTEM FILE(s) QADBXREF - This file contains all files in all libraries on the ISeries.

Download text files
Download Iseries save file