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Convert .PNG to ASCII/EBCDIC Hexadecimal

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  • Convert .PNG to ASCII/EBCDIC Hexadecimal

    I've been working on a Web Services project for my company.
    After several posts on here I have had a tremendous amount of help. (Thanks to ALL)
    I've got another issue...

    I'm taking a Base64 encoded XML string (.PNG), decoding it and storing it to the IFS.
    (See Image#1 for decoded image)

    My plan is to convert this to Hexadecimal and build an internal Print File that I can send to my Zebra Printer using Scott K's PRTSTMF.

    I'm currently using the CVTHC/CVTCH to convert to Hex before I build my print file.
    The problem is that it's not picking up the white space... just the data.
    (Image #2 is what it looks like in the IFS)

    When I convert this to Hex, I'm not getting the Blank Space.. Or X'40'...or (Hex) 00
    Should I use a Different Procedure than CVTHC? (Image#3 is the converted Hex.Embedded in ZPL code. )

    I've been messing with the ZPL code a lot because I'm unfamiliar with it, but when I get it to print it's just a line of dots...

    I'll p[ost some code here in a bit.

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    You ever got this working?