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PDFs with black filled boxes

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  • PDFs with black filled boxes

    we are generating some PDFs by creating a print file and doing an OVRPRTF PRTF(...) TOSTMF(...) WSCST(*PDF) and those PDFs are mailed to customers
    sometimes we get the reply that our PDFs can be opened but some parts are covered with a black box

    i have put an example over here to show you the behaviour

    BOX(7.9 0.6 9.1 20 0.03)

    this is the image when opening the PDF on screen

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pdf_black.png
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Size:	14.7 KB
ID:	151259

    seconds later (as the PDF is being interpreted by the reader) the image becomes fully black

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pdf_black_2.png
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Size:	8.4 KB
ID:	151258

    as the problem only is mentionned from some customers i believe it's related to their pdf-reader (which is not up-to-date)
    anyone experienced this before ?

    is it really linked to the PDF-reader (here i used Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019.012.20035 to simulate the problem) ?
    or can we do something in our code to avoid this ?

    FYI : the PRTF is generated with some BOX / LINE / FONT / AFPRSC-keywords
    it looks like it appears with the BOX-keyword only ...