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Jobs starting with userid QSECOFR

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  • Jobs starting with userid QSECOFR

    We end the HTTP sever before nightly backups. Among the many jobs started when HTTP is re-started are jobs QZSOSIGN and QZDASOINIT for user QSECOFR. I have some idea what these jobs do. My question is, what initiates these jobs, or at least the sign on job? I don't like the idea of jobs running with the QSECOFR profile unless absolutely necessary.

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    These are prestart jobs. You can check the configuration in the QUSRWRK subsystem description. The normal user profile to use is QUSER, but the jobs should swap to the connecting user profile when executing useful work. Since they are using QSECOFR now, it is likely that you will encounter authority errors when running under QUSER, so need to find out what authorities are needed before doing the change, or if you can't, you would have to switch and then grant based on any errors discovered. Alternatively, you can use another ID with *ALLOBJ privilege.


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      The job is QZDASOINIT running under user QWEBADMIN in subsystem QHTTPSVR. It was submitted by job ADMIN4, and user QSECOFR connected to it as soon as it started. What could have triggered that connection?

      Subsystem QUSRWRK was not active. It is now.


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        I see... this doesn't look like the usual QZDASOINIT daemon job. You can check the joblog to see which IP address the client is connecting from. You can also check the opened files of the job to get a clue of what data it is reading.