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.tif images, overlays and a nasty price increase.

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  • .tif images, overlays and a nasty price increase.

    It has been a long time since I messed with advanced function printing so I need a bit of help. we have an outside vendor that provides software for printing invoices. The invoices are simply a spool file overlaid with a .tif image to create an *AFP spool file that prints. There is no data mapping and the image hasn't changed in six years. Now the software provider has been purchased by a conglomerate and they want to raise our prices 130%. We are a small company and cant afford that kind of swing.

    So... my question is this. If I have a .tif image, how hard is it to overlay that image on a spool file for printing? Or is that a huge discussion?

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    Take a look at this software provider:


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      You can use the AFP print driver for Windows and print the image to a file and then upload the file to a library.

      Chapter 10 has more info