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  • CCSID issue

    I need to execute SQL statement on file whose CCSID is 13488. I have tried changing the user profile CCSID to 13488 but giving error for the invalid value.
    Can someone suggest if there is any other alternative. I need to update particular field value from say A to B for certain set of records.

    Also this is to be done in the CL program using RUNSQLSTM.

    BTW I just figured out that AS400 file is SQL Table

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    Re: CCSID issue

    Have you tried to cast the replacement value into UNICODE?

    Update ....
         set YourValue = Cast('NewValue' as VarGraphic(256) CCSID 13488)
    BTW if you are already on Release 6.1 or higher a RUNSQL CL command was introduced via PTF (SF99701 Level 14 SF99601 Level 25 ), that allows you to directly execute almost all (Except SELECT) SQL commands from within CL.

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      Re: CCSID issue

      Thanks Birgitta.... Let me try using RUNSQL CL command. Current version is v5r3 bt the one for upgrade is on 6.1 so I can use it there.
      Also I have not used UNICODE so far, will try that too.

      I will post the result soon.