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  • call only one time

    i have a clp that is called 5 times a day, i have several calls happening in this clp. One of the calls i only want to happen the first time the clp runs, how can i have this run once and then skip that call for the rest of the day?

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    How about a *LGL *DTAARA called RAN_TODAY that gets set it to false by a job scheduler entry every day at midnight? Your CL can check that data area. If it's false, run the special code and then set the data area to true.


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      Create a *DTAARA that can hold current date. If *DTAARA <> current-date, call the program and set *DTAARA = current-date.

      When the code runs a second time, the test will fail and the CALL won't happen. First time it runs on a new date, it'll reset. If it needs to run again on some date because of unforeseen issues, simply initialize the *DTAARA to blanks or whatever.

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