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Can OPNPIPE invoke a Unix process waiting on MQ?

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  • Can OPNPIPE invoke a Unix process waiting on MQ?

    We want to have a process in UNIX waiting on MQ. Can OPNPIPE be used to invoke a process waiting on MQ? If Yes, then would it end Unix process when corresponding IBM I job ends? Unix of IBM I does not comes with job scheduler, otherwise UNIX process could be controlled from there. Any recommendations?

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    Sorry, I don't know anything about MQ. Can it be started as a Unix command? Will it run in the background once invoked, or does it require whatever/whomever invoked it to stay running?


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      Thanks for reply Scott. Yes I can write a unix process to wait on MQ and want it to run in IBM I job, so it could be stop/start from IBM I job. As OPNPIPE *pase or *qshell always spawn a child job/unix process, I am concerned if I can control unix process stop/start from IBM I job. Like would ending IBM I job end the unix process it started using OPNPIPE?

      Requirement is:
      IBM I job (CL) -> Unix process keeps running (listening on MQ). It keep processing received messages throughout the day. Then Either stop it as per schedule or intraday if needed.