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  • Query/400 question

    For good or ill, we have many users who create database files using Query/400 in order to download iSeries data into Excel. The users have been instructed to put such files in either of 2 FTP libraries we set up on the iSeries. However, human nature being prone to mistakes, I am looking for a way to prevent our users from putting database files created through Query/400 into any other libraries than the 2 we have set up for this use. In other words, I want to be able to control the target library when Query/400 creates data files (NOT spooled files).

    So far, I have not found a way to do this with interactive queries (WRKQRY). Does anyone have any ideas or resources for accomplishing this?


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    Re: Query/400 question

    not without locking down libraries at the object level. someone else may know of a workaround but that's the only way I know to definitely keep them from saving to a library.
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      Re: Query/400 question

      Just forbid wrkqry for the normal user ... most of them do not even know about a relational database, and produce e.g. carthesian products which are the renormalized through level checks etc ...

      If they need the data on a regular basis just define the queries and let them run through menu options or program calls ...

      Just my 0.02 $

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