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Oracle 11i to DB2 on IBM i - Migration

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  • Oracle 11i to DB2 on IBM i - Migration

    Good Morning/ Evening All,

    Need your expert advice.

    We have a requirement wherein we have to migrate the data from Oracle 11i to DB2 on IBM i (on V7R2). Need your guidance for the below:

    1. Is there any IBM proprietary tool which can help us in the migration? Or any other tools.
    2. What special consideration to be taken for LOB/ BLOB/ CLOB data types.
    3. Can this be done w/o tool, if yes what will be the quickest approach.
    4. Any other considerations...we have triggers, views etc. on the Oracle

    I searched the internet and found one tool called the IBM Database conversion Workbench (DCW), but not sure whether this will work for DB2 on IBM i.

    I tried to search in the forum but did not find any earlier posts about this. So creating the new thread. Kindly help.

    Thanks! in advance.

    FYI - This is part of JDE Upgrade.