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How help panel works in IBM screens

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  • How help panel works in IBM screens

    I am trying to design a help window for my application, and trying to mimic what IBM does for its help screens - example: WRKMBRPDM

    When we press F1, we get a help window with Page up and Page down options.

    1. Is this performed using panel groups?
    2. If not, how do we handle page down and page ups? We display, say 20 records in page 1 of the window. When pagedown happens, we clear the 20 records and rebuild new 20 records with different help messages?

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    Yes, IBM uses UIM panel groups for the online help.
    If you are using DDS to create your screens, there are several ways to include help however, I find panel groups to be the best option and they are not difficult to create.
    The panel group is independent of the screen which means you can modify the panel group without having to change your display files. The system takes care of positioning the window and any paging, resizing etc.


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      Hi John.sev99, thank you for confirming. It helps.