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What subfile records is the cursor on?

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  • What subfile records is the cursor on?

    I haven't done this in a very long time (probably 10 years) but now I am charged with changing a program so it checks to see what subfile record the cursor is on when the user presses the ENTER key. So, I could use some advice

    I've added the SFLCSRRRN keyword to the subfile control and also added CSRRRN as a parameter of SFLCSRRN and defined it as a hidden field on the subfile control. However, when I do an EXFMT SFLCTL3 in my program debugging verified that CSRRRN contains 0, although the cursor was obviously on a subfile record.

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    I must be doing something incorrectly.​

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    That's what happens when the cursor is not on a subfile record. I've never heard of it happening when it is on one.


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      I figured it out, I was doing a WRITE to SFLCTL3 not EXFMT