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HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

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    Re: HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

    @DeadMan - Huh??? I don't understand your first statement at all. And I've included a screen shot of just exactly what I need to monitor for.

    PHP Code:
     Data area QTMMTCP created in library QTEMP.                        
    Integrated File System file open failed on file /tmp/QACXK464Y8    
    Job 887114
    /QMSF/QMSF stopped processing MSF message.               
    Integrated File System file open failed on file /tmp/QACX5XLAMV    
    Job 887114
    /QMSF/QMSF stopped processing MSF message.               
    Integrated File System file open failed on file /tmp/QACXWTFLBR    
    Job 887114
    /QMSF/QMSF stopped processing MSF message.               
    Integrated File System file open failed on file /tmp/QACX7ZP0PG    
    Job 887114
    /QMSF/QMSF stopped processing MSF message
    I keep getting these messages in the QMSF job and this is the detail behind the message:

    PHP Code:
                              Additional Message Information                         
     Message ID 
    . . . . . . :   TCP5101       Severity . . . . . . . :   30         
     Message type 
    . . . . . :   Diagnostic                                          
     Date sent  
    . . . . . . :   08/19/13      Time sent  . . . . . . :   17:14:21   
    . . . . :   Integrated File System file open failed on file            
    . . . . . :   The RTCP function requires the use of an Integrated File   
       System file 
    /tmp/QACXK464Y8The errno return from the call is 3025.         
     Either this file is missing
    locked or damaged on the system and cannot be     
       used at this time
    Recovery  . . . :   Stop Mail System Framework ie"ENDMSF" and restart        
    Check earlier entries in Job Log for possible reasons for this failure
    So I do the ENDSMF and I do the STRMSF and I'm good and then the next thing I know they show up again, and I have to go through the End and Start again. I have checked - none of those files are found on the IFS in that folder - so do I need to create those files and if I do - how do I create them? The SNDHTMLEML program I am using - is suppose to create a temporary file and the other day I could see it was working but now I don't see any files that were recently created. So do I have a job that is cleaning them off the system? You (DeadMan) know what its like here ... I've got to be proactive and have a way of knowing when this occurs so that I can stop and start and carry on without me having to do anything (a program has to be doing this) and so far I have found nothing on the web. I have to be able to tell the boss whether we can move forward or we have to scratch for now... I can use Gumbo but I have to get the two missing releases on and tested before I can use it though. I was hoping someone might have an idea where to find more information .. I don't mind doing the reading and research ... I just need to figure out where to find what I am looking for....


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      Re: HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

      Are these messages generated by Gumbo? So you stop and restart and send 1 email. The messages are there right then? did the email go through? If yes and yes then you do need the newest version.

      If not, so if you can send mail using one of the other products on the box and if you have the same issue.

      as far as monitoring the messages for completion, all you would know is if the beast passed off the email to the email server, Not the recipients email. If you want to know if the recipient got the email, you would have to play with your email server.
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        Re: HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

        @DeadMan - The emails are not currently generated by GumboMail - I found some code on the internet that I downloaded that will allow me to send HTML emails from the 400. This process uses the Mail server from the 400 ... and that is where my issues reside or at least did. I called Gumbo yesterday afternoon and was told that they have designed their software products to allow you to have multiple versions running so that you can have the previous version running in production and then you can load the new version and perform testing on it before moving it to production. So I'm going to the data center in a bit to load the first of the two versions to the box so that we can check to see if it causes any issues, and if not it will go into production and then I can load the next version (which provides the ability to send HTML emails from GumboMail) and then my issues are resolved. It's going to take me a couple of days -- but by the end of the month - we will be able to send HTML emails. Yay!!! And then it's time to do some serious system clean up and maintenance....

        Thanks for your help everyone! I'll let you know in a few days when I have it all in production!


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          Re: HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

          It's obviously a good idea to test, but I've never had any issue with Gumbo upgrades breaking anything.

          But if you're testing anyway, why load/test/install to prod a new version that is one step up, and then have to go through it all again for the next version to bring you current? Since you're going through the testing anyway, why not just load the latest current version and test it? If everything is cool, then you install it to prod and you've saved yourself the trouble of testing the intermediary version.

          Just my $.02


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            Re: HTML Emails and Images....How to include..

            @Viking - I was on my way to the data center when I realized "Wait a minute. I can download the current version from the website and do what they told me to do and I should be good to go" I promptly turned the car around and headed back to the office. I am currently in the process of restoring one of the three Gumbo products as I type this. It's been a hellova morning today. HelpDesk tickets out the wazzu, co-workers on vacation - so its just the two of us (new IT admin, myself and the boss) and lots of stupid little issues. Couldn't get the ftp to work this morning because I had the new anti-virus software on my PC and it was blocking the download. Took us 30 minutes just to get that figured out before I could get the save files downloaded... it's been a morning ..... hopefully my afternoon goes much smoother.

            BTW - glad to know that there is someone else using Gumbo Mail. Now I have someone I can talk to about issues.

            Hope your having a great day!