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  • Rdi or equivalent

    I saw some Co workers trialling RDi and it looked pretty good (didn't seem to like green screen coloring tho)

    But I couldn't get a trial on my pc because it had been loaded on a few months ago an I didn't know.

    Anyway .. I was disappointed to find find out the licensing isn't cheap, and I can't get a trial.

    I also thought that IBM should give a cut down version away to encourage younger coders to adopt iseries and rpgle, particularly free form.

    Visual studio express or community edition is very good - so considering RDi is built over Eclipse, just let us play with a basic version so we can justify it to the guys holding the purse strings ...

    Are there any other similar environments available or very cheap licensing available so I can finance this myself?

    Or how can I get an extension to a trial the i didn't use?

    Did I rant a little there .. sorry

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    It does not like the coloring, I had a post on it a while back but all comments are green so they at least stick out that way.

    Also not cheap but worth every penny, I would think if you contacted IBM and explained they would give you a new trial.

    RPG next gen was/is free but no longer under development, but may still work for a basic editor.


    • #3 it isn't free but alot cheaper than RDi.


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        The newest thing is Orion...

        Myself, I use RDi.


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          Yes, I like using colourful comments too, to seperate Important sections and just helpful comments and RDI doesn't let use use colours in the same way.
          Also IBM did not respond to my email explaining my situation, and still haven't.

          I thought this was no longer supported?

          I saw this on Linked-in last week, but I don't think I like the way it stores source to the IFS (would that require typing long path names in each time we want to compile). Also we use Aldon for Source Management, and I'm not sure how well it would work with this.