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iseries display file cntf and underlines

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  • iseries display file cntf and underlines

    I have a requirement to allow a longer email address. The length is actually going to cause the field to wrap on the screen. I found instructions for CNTF, but I must be missing something because I can't quite get it to work. The field wraps OK in the design screen (both RDI and old-school) but when I run the program, the field isn't showing up with the underlines and it doesn't seem to be recognized as an input field (defined as "B" right now). I have other options (make the field smaller, for example!) , but I'm curious as to what I'm doing wrong. If anyone has any ideas, I will be grateful.
    PHP Code:
     A* --LINE 14
    A 15 6
    A 88 DSPATR(RI)
    A 48 DSPATR(PC)
    A CNTFLD(060)
    A* --LINE 23
    A 23 5
    The fields TRAFFIC: and RECEIVING: I thought should be followed by lines showing where to type. Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2022-04-26 153918.jpg
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ID:	157316 As always, thank you for the help.

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    It's hard to diagnose given what's shown. Are you sure you're running the recompiled program and dspf?


    • MelissaG
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      pretty sure; although I've done dumber things

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    DTRCVADR is defined as 200 characters long and CNTFLD(060).

    This is 3 lines of 60 characters and one of 20.

    What happens if you reduce DTRCVADR to 180 ( 3 lines ) or increases it to 240 ( 4 lines ) ?


    • MelissaG
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      Let me check this out - thank you ... that helps get my brain going in a different direction. Have a good one!

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    Make sure there are at least two spaces between the "RECEIVING:" literal and DTRCVADR.
    CNTFLD fields need two spaces before them for some reason.

    I've been bitten by this before.


    • MelissaG
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      You are a genius! That was exactly the problem. Thank you.