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HTTPAPI - reset settings?

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  • HTTPAPI - reset settings?

    HTTPAPI has lots of http_setXYZ() procedures for settings CCSID settings, proxy settings, etc. Which are stored in global variables in the various modules and therefore scoped to the activation group.

    Is there an easy way to reset all of those? The only ways I can think of is to either to do a RCLACTGRP, or call every set_httpXYZ() procedure with default values.

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    Yes, either of those methods would work.

    I've never heard of anyone wanting to reset the settings back to defaults before. Is this a common need?


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      We have a program using HTTPAPI, that is getting an intermittent proxy error, even though it is not specifying a proxy. We think another program in the same activation group is sometimes being run earlier in the job, that is using HTTPAPI and specifying a proxy, so that setting is still in place when the later program runs. Unfortunately it's proving difficult to identify since the application is huge.

      So I was hoping there was a simple way to do a reset, so that any program could ensure HTTPAPI was cleanly set up before using it. RCLACTGRP would reset more than just HTTPAPI, and writing our own reset procedure to call all the http_setXYZ()s would require careful review and update for every new version of HTTPAPI (in case of new settings or changed defaults) and someone is bound to forget that.

      But it sounds like those are the only way