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Late to the Party with IWS - do I come at all?

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  • Late to the Party with IWS - do I come at all?

    I am new to the IBM I series (very experienced on the Z series) though the company I just joined has used it for years. Since we were so focused on the I, we did little for integrations to other platforms. I am interested in implementing IWS to allow us to leverage a lot of our domain code as soap services or rest APIs (had a lot of success with similar functions on the z series).

    I engaged a vendor with experience on the platform to help us implement our first IWS. They are discouraging us from implementing IWS and are steering us to stored procedures. They site issues with the IWS services.

    My question for you experts is since I have no IWS services, should I start now or am I in-fact better off using stored procedures. I know everything is situational, but just give me your feedback on if you've used it and if you would again.