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Question regarding time change

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  • Question regarding time change

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions regarding the time change for the end of US Daylight Savings Time on 11/3/19.

    1) Does the time change happen if jobs are running?
    2) How does the iSeries calculate job time for jobs running when the time changed?

    Our system was in a restricted state and running a full backup. If the job started at 2100 on 11/2 and completed at 0235 on 11/3, did it run for 5 hours and 35 minutes or 6 hours and 35 minutes?

    On a related note, the system computes throughput for the backup - does it monitor the throughput for the whole job and take an average? Or does it keep track of the size of what is backed up and then divide by the time the job took? If the second option, how does the time change affect this calculation?

    Thank you.

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    1. The system time would have to change with jobs running. It would be a nightmare otherwise.
    2. That's a good question. I know that job date is set when the job starts, but I've never wondered how the time works. On your backup question, where do your times come from?


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      The times come from the BRMS log. Essentially, the question is whether the 1 am to 2 am hour is counted twice. Thanks