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  • CHGSIGNON Command

    Not sure exactly where to put this but it does affect the Sign On screen so here goes....

    For years I have used the CHGSIGNON command to add announcements and such to our IBM AS/400 (aka IBM i ) system. Done countless IPLs without a problem, IPL'd over the weekend and the sign on screen defaulted to the IBM standard. The command CHGSIGNON still works but no longer updates the signon screen. I searched for articles and info on the CHGSIGNON command to no avail. Seems the IBM info is gone.

    I am sure I got this tip from one of the old AS/400 magazines but nothing turns up online. Anyone remember how to turn this screen on?

    Thank you for any help!

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    I've never heard or used of the CHGSIGNON, but the signon DSPF is attached to the interactive subsystem. If there was a customization done that stopped working, 1 of several things happened. 1) the DSPF was replaced with a default version. OR 2) The subsystem was changed to use a different DSPF. OR 3) Users are using a different interactive subsystem. Good luck.