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How configure OKIES7170 lan printer on IBM i

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  • How configure OKIES7170 lan printer on IBM i

    Hi all

    i would need to configure an OKIES7170 but i have problems ... following this link, i'm able to print *SCS spool file but not *AFPDS with overlay
    anybody use this printer o similar with spool file AFPS with overlay or can help me to understand how to configure it (lan printer !!)
    Thanks in advance

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    I've never set up any Oki printers, and have absolutely no experience with them. You haven't provided much information at all, really just the model number and a link to a post -- and I have no idea if the printer in that post is similar to yours.

    So what I did is a quick Google search for OKI ES7170. I found this page:

    The page says that it is a multifunction copier/printer/scanner/fax, and there is a link there to the technical specifications sheet:

    The spec sheet says that it supports LPR, SNMP, Port9100, PCL5e, PCL6 (and a lot of other things that aren't relevant here).

    Going back post that you link to, it is also using port 9100, the original post suggests *HPPJLDRV, but the follow-up post says *IBMSNMPDRV. You will want to make sure you are using *IBMSNMPDRV since the specifications specifically say SNMP.

    The post is for a differnt printer and uses MFRTYPMDL(*OKI321IBM), so I looked that up on IBM's site, here:

    It appears trhat the *OKI321IBM driver is for the OKI Microline protocol, it is NOT for PCL5e/PCL6. So that would not be a good fit, here.

    Back at IBM's site, I looked for other Oki printers that are PCL5e/PCL6 and there are many of them. You'd want to pick the one that's closest to yours -- but, I have no idea which of these printers is close to yours. Most of them seem to either use *LEXOPTRAT or *HP6, though. So I'd try changing the MFRTYPMDL to each of those and see which one works better.

    I'm explaining all of the steps I took so that you will, I hope, know how to do the research yourself in the future. Good luck.