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Change CCSID system value from 65535 to 1208 (UTF-8)

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  • Change CCSID system value from 65535 to 1208 (UTF-8)

    I have a system that always has as system values QCCSID equal to 65535 and as a QCHRID value:
    - Font IDs. . . . . : 697
    - Code page . . . . . . . : 280

    We are now thinking to change the QCCSID to 1208 (UTF-8) and the codepage could stay at 280 or be changed to 1144.

    Can you help me explore the cons of this move?

    I think I should recreate all the sources with the new ccsid and consequently recreate all the pgms but the files that have stored data at 65535 for 20 years, what would happen?

    Have you ever managed such a passage?

    Do you know of a document or checklist that can help prepare for such a transition?