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CCSID Conversion from iSeries to Linux Server through FTP

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  • CCSID Conversion from iSeries to Linux Server through FTP


    I am back after a long time hoping to solve a problem with CCSID Conversion,


    From iSeries, we generate a flat file with data and FTP the file to the Linux Server. The Flat file data may contain mixed characters for different region, For example - English & Greek for Greece | English and Russian for Russia and completely English. Default CCSID for Flat file is 037 English

    So, for languages such as Greece, Russia - I will be creating file with appropriate CCSID and copy this data to the new file before FTP.


    I need to send the file in UTF-8 (Unicode) format to the Linux Server. When I directly send the file in 1208 format - the FTP command fails with conversion error to 819. I believe the problem is by default FTP uses ASCII. I tried changing it using the type keyword( example TYPE 1208 C) . But, it does not work.

    I tried using CPYTOIMPF file for conversion as well - but the file was received as 'Octat-stmf' format in Linux Server

    Tried several other possible ways without luck. Your inputs are much appreciated.


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    Try using the FTP command BIN in your FTP script. That will suppress any character conversion and transfer the file as is.


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      Yes, i have tried it - the file was sent from iSeries in Binary Mode. But, in the Linux server - it is complete unreadable. We tried to convert the file to UTF-8 in Linux - but the data does not look as expected.


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        Originally posted by Vinoth View Post
        ... the data does not look as expected.
        "It doesn't look as expected" doesn't help us much. What does it look like?

        What did it look like before it was sent? What were the streamfile attributes? What is the system QCCSID? What was the job CCSID? What FTP commands were used? How did you try to convert it on Linux?

        To show us a view of some data, it will probably help if we can see sample lines in hex as well as simple characters.

        I tried using CPYTOIMPF file for conversion as well...
        Why? It's not clear if this should be an "import" file. Was this a database file in DB2? What database will it be "imported" into?

        Troubleshooting data transfers between platforms can involve a number of details. You will possibly need to post many of them before anyone spot the problem.

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