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Data Transfer error CWBTF0007

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  • Data Transfer error CWBTF0007

    Good morning. I'm running a DTT and getting "CWBTF0007 - Data in this field has too many decimal positions. Number will be rounded". I can click OK and everything seems to be fine, but I will be running this transfer from a .bat file executed with a Shell command from Excel VBA, and from there, the transfer fails. The only document in IBM's Knowledge Base addressing CWBTF0007 said it had to do with Excel handling numeric fields as Whole values, but I'm transferring from a .csv, not from Excel. All I need is to be able to find which column is creating the issue, but I don't know how to do that. There are 306 columns in this particular file. Any suggestions please?

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    Having seen no suggestions, I thought I'd send a follow-up in case it would be a help to someone, because it can be a tedious, frustrating process.

    First, when the message window pops up, slide it out of the way to see the data transfer window behind it, and look to see how many records transferred.

    If it says 0, then the problem is in the 1st record (and presumably all the others). Since the message has to do with decimal positions, you can rule out text values or numerics with 0 decimals. Open your Excel or csv file and scroll through the columns looking for decimal values. As you come across them, verify that they don't exceed the number of decimals defined in the iSeries file, and make formatting adjustments as necessary.

    If the number of records transferred is higher than 0, find that record in your input file (or maybe the one after), and scroll through the columns looking for a decimal value that exceeds that of the ones above it. When found, either correct the data or, as above, adjust the column formatting.

    It may take several repetitions of the above to find all the problems, but eventually the file should transfer without errors.