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Efficient access to iSeries from Linux/Windows for normal user file maint. tasks?

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  • Efficient access to iSeries from Linux/Windows for normal user file maint. tasks?

    For example I have files I want them to maintain, (currently IT does it), but I can't give them DBU or DFU and would like a way to create decent maintenance program access from Linux or Windows where they can just paste things in easily if things are thought out...

    I don't have Synon or As-Set code generator, and don't want to write a program for each file by hand.

    What are best options without spending money to do it?

    Trying to upload from Excel via Client Access or FTP is a nightmare due to alpha fields with all numbers in them needing leading zeros, etc, so I'm trying to find a better solution.

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    Originally posted by bobc_00001 View Post
    ...but I can't give them ... DFU...
    It's not clear what you mean by "DFU". Do you mean that you don't have DFU on the system? Does it mean that you can't give permission to use the DFU product?

    Or does it mean that you can't create a maintenance program from DFU and give just that generated program in a protective CL wrapper to them? (Why not? Seems to be close to what you're asking for.)

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      Thanks for the reply. Yes, but I was trying to find a way they could maintain 25 or 50 records easily pasting data in from spreadsheets and not having problems where we need to spend a lot of time on it. We have a lot of home grown systems, and so there are files nobody created programs to maintain.

      I think management would rather make us maintain the tables when they need to be maintained with DBU or DFU, and my team keeps getting asked to do all the data entry or help them upload it.

      I'm looking for what is the best kind of way we can offer to maintain relatively simple files without spending lots of time or money on it or asking them to use old green screen apps.

      I want to offer something better than DFU in terms of user friendliness, most importantly being able to easily bring the data in from a spreadsheet.
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