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Issue with multiple users executing same stored procedures

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  • Issue with multiple users executing same stored procedures

    I have a new application in a test mode at a few retail outlets.

    The user opens a web page and creates transactions.

    Under the covers I am using a single db2 profile for the connection to the System i. The connection happens as they open the application.

    When multiple sites enter data at the same time it is getting crossed.

    I use stored procedures that are executed when they click submit for new transactions or for updates.

    This just hit and I thought I would ask here as my mind starts to digest and come up with ideas.

    My initial ideas are they are all using the same profile and that is causing the issue. I would have expected each connection to be a separate session.

    I do not want separate profiles, but could go that route as a last resort.

    Any tips or leads would be appreciated.

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    I don't understand your environment. What programming language are you working with? When you say a "single db2 profile", do you mean one db2 database connection? Or, what is meant by "profile"?


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      Using a single service profile for an app is fairly typical, so I doubt that's your problem.


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        It is visual studio using C#.

        I found my problem. I had defined a collention as static by mistake. That meant everyone was entering into the same storage.

        WHen it first showed itself I thought It was something to do with the connection to the System i.

        Thank You for taking a moment to think about it.