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  • Need guidance..

    Hi.. I am developing a website for my uncle's store for the first time. I am intending to do two factor authentication for the site. But I am not aware about its programming side. Does anyone here know about it? Please suggest some learning materials or tutorials for it. Please do reply as soon as possible.

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    I would suggest, because you are unfamiliar with security, you should look to your hosting site.
    Most of them offer shopping cart solutions.

    Once setup, this will give you opportunity to learn and eventually (if ever needed) take the shopping cart back over.

    All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As400"
    and I take no responsibility for any of them.



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      Why are you still going for an experiment if you don't possess any knowledge about the security? You are developing the website for a business and its security is a crucial factor. You will get the benefit of business only if you take the customer's privacy as a big issue. One of my friends did all the security part of his website from a cyber security solutions NCI http://nci.ca/services/?section=Solutions in Toronto. I would advise you to go for such a third party service. After that, you study 2FA implementation and try it on a trial work. Wish you good luck. Appreciating your interest to learn new things.