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Zend Server 8.5.14 and Zend Server 2019 License

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  • Zend Server 8.5.14 and Zend Server 2019 License


    does anyone know if the Zend Server 8.5.14 is compatible to IBM i V7R4?
    And a further question.. Is the current Zend Server 2019 with PHP 7 still available on IBM i for free use but without support or do i have to obtain a license for Version 2019? On the IBM Support site is just the 30 day trial mentioned... (https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/ze...rt-information)


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    I can't speak to the 8.5.14 version - whatever is downloadable for Zend Server will be the latest version supported on IBM i. The Zend web site should tell you that. I would suggest asking these questions on the IBM i section of the Zend forums.

    As to the rest of the question. The IBM site you reference basically says much the same as it has always done - i.e. that support comes from Zend. Nothing has changed as far as I know. As always when you load Zend Server you get the full version for a period of time (30 days currently I think) and after that it reverts to the community edition with the associated community support i.e. via forums etc.


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      Snap ... Zend site and IBM pages now state a free 12 month license, whereas I am sure they used to stipulate a free license without the 12 month disclaimer.


      The FAQ says the free edition ceased to exist after version 7 and higher, although I know our 2018 version was free. So rather contradictory.


      That sites stipulates the one year free


      Prior to the Perforce acquisition Alan Seiden maintained it would remain free for IBM i customers

      Emailed perforce to confirm if I upgrade to ZS 2019 I still get the 1 year free license.


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        I had installed the Zend Server 2019 Enterprise trial a month ago. And I could not change the license from enterprise to basic.
        After that trial expired I can not longer login over the web interface. On the green screen the license status says "Your license is expired" and displayed edition is "ENTERPRISE".
        But the Zend Server is still running and I can use php.
        I'm wondering if that 12 month license only for support?