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PHP Community - Can I send mails?

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  • PHP Community - Can I send mails?

    As a PHP and iSeries enthusiast, I recently succeded to install and run PHP Community via yum/rpm in an existing apache instance.
    Everything works fine, even ODBC->DB2 data read... I was very happy, until I found out I can't send emails with any of the methods I knew.
    When I try to use mail() function (smtp server is internal and without authentication, already configured in php.ini), it simply returns false.
    This is the apache log:
    sh: -t: not found
    So I found out that sendmail command is not present in the system, and not even available in the repository packages.
    Also, the only other method to send mails I knew (Pear) is not installed with PHP Community and neither is available.
    Am I doing something wrong or there's no chance for me to send emails from php?

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    We use PHP to send out emails all the time. We use PHPMailer (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer) and it works very well.


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      Many thanks, I didn't knew PHPMailer. It works perfectly.