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Zend Server 2020 V7R4. also is still free ?

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  • Zend Server 2020 V7R4. also is still free ?


    is zendserver 2020 compatible with V7R4? When you download it doesn't mention the V7R4 but only the V7R3.
    Does it still seem to cease to be free?

    A guide to deployment and support options for running the PHP programming language on IBM i.

    What are CommunityPlus + PHP (seiden group) and ZendPHP?

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    My understanding is that there are currently 3 major "flavors" of PHP.

    1) Zend Server - for fee - no longer supplied by IBM

    2) IBM supplied PHP (I _think_ this is actually supplied by Zend) - it is a version of the free community edition

    3) Seiden Group PHP Community + - this is the version I am using.

    Zend Server is the all singing all dancing version with all the bells and whistles - it should work find on 7.4

    The biggest problem with the iBM supplied version (and why the Seiden version exists) is that it is bare bones and does not include a lot of features that typic IBM i users take advantage of. Seiden also has a nice install process.


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      +1 for Seiden ... update to date, easy to install (yum) and update, well maintained (comes also with a php module, made by Seiden, specific to call some ibmi routines).