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SNDDST vs Java Mail

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  • SNDDST vs Java Mail


    Can anyone tell me the Pros and cons of SNDDST and Java Mail.

    which would be the best

    How can we have an email utility with some good features. any ideas to share ?

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: SNDDST vs Java Mail

    I would recommend using IBM's new native command SNDSMTPEMM.


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      Re: SNDDST vs Java Mail

      Hi Xcures:

      1. do not use snddst.
      2. If you really want to use snddst ..... refer to step 1.

      When you use snddst:
      1. The subject of the email is always questionable. Refer to the bottom of this:
      2. You can only send 1 attached file.
      3. The snddst system uses an old...old...old folder system based on dos....that means you can not send an attachment who's name is gt 6 (8?) chars + a 3 char extention.
      4. The list goes on and on.....

      If you want to send an email with some good features.....
      Look at Mmail / sndmail /
      if you are an iprodeveloper look at Scott Klement's stuff here:

      Best of Luck
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        Re: SNDDST vs Java Mail

        First thing to understand is that SNDDST isn't intended for "e-mail" in the first place. It's intended to send (SND) distributions (DST) over a SNA network. It was enhanced way back when TCP/IP became native in the AS/400 series in order to provide a basic bridge into SMTP e-mail.

        It can be useful for system messages and even for slightly more complex uses, but it should not be confused with any actual "e-mail" solution. Unless you have fairly advanced experience with both SNA/DS and SMTP, you should use an e-mail facility that is designed for SMTP.

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