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DDS AFPRSC grafic field error CPD6F8C

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    Just a thought -- I haven't coded in Cobol for 20+ years but
    could it be that there are some special unprintable characters in field PICFIELD ?
    I think that if the field is not initialized with blanks what happens when you move 'PIC 999888.jpg' into the field?

    You could try to start the debugger and use the command
    eval picfield:x
    after data has been moved into picfield

    Thus you can see the hexvalues in the string.


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      Peder, not initializing a field is a typical newbie error. Of course we do that and we print out the PICFIELD value on the output. Correct!
      Maybe is there an issue because we use a lot of CDEFNT keywords. I don't know, it's like when pigs fly ;-).


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        Sorry but I have run out of ideas.
        If you ever find out I will be very interested in the cause.

        Good luck.


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          Are both programs created from the same source file? Are they both ILE or OPM? Are they both run the same way, submitted or command line?

          Like others have mentioned, I think there may be a CCSID issue. Debug both programs and look at the variable in hex, it may not contain what is expected.


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            Just an idea.
            PICFIELD is a program-to-system field.
            Try to define a second field PICFIELD2 like PICFIELD defined as output in the printerfile
            move the content of PICFIELD into PICFIELD2
            and see what it looks like when creating the print.
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