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  • Data area implicit read in

    Is there a way to implicitly (no IN op code needed) read in a data area without defining it as a data structure as well. *Auto only seems to be valid for data structure data areas unless I am missing something

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    You're not missing anything. The implicit read in is only supported for data structures.


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      Hi Greg, there's can be a trick with userspace. I don't know if can be work with dtaara. But I can prepare a sample for userspace if you want.


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        I would much prefer an application that uses the IN/OUT opcodes (and DTAARA keyword) where the data areas are NOT implicitly read. These might be slightly more code, but they are MUCH easier to understand, and almost always work more efficiently. I've seen a TON of problems caused by using the implicity ("UDS") method where programmers simply didn't understand all of the details of how it worked. (And, those details can't be gleaned from the program since RPG is doing all the work for you.)

        Can you explain why you'd want to do this with implicitly read variables instead of IN/OUT? What value does this offer?