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    Hello Code400 Friends. I just want to put this out there in case anybody would have any leads for me. I know I haven't been too active around here the last couple of years as my current job has pulled my focus from pure IBM i programming over to C# development that integrates with DB2 on IBM i. I'm still the Senior Programmer/Analyst but my wife and I are moving to help her career move to the next level and the new commute will not be sustainable.

    So, does anybody have any leads on remote work or work in the Harrisburg, PA or Lancaster, PA areas? I can do the whole IBM i bit from system admin stuff on up through RPGLE development. I've most recently been writing web apps that interface with the IBM i as well as MSSQL using .Net Web API 2, React, and Node. I've also written some ASP.Net but it's not my favorite thing to work with.

    I'd prefer to step into a developer manager or IT Director role as this job has afforded me with that type of experience and I love people and customers. Job titles are so vague, so with that I've attached my resume.

    Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it!
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    Good luck with the move and job search Bryce.
    This maybe of use for you if you haven't already subscribed to it, try the resources on
    There are lists of companies by area and also a hiring board where you can market your availability.
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      Hi Bryce.

      I can think that I have seen Ollie's advertise a lot needing iSeries help. Also just be advised if you hear from Rite Aide via contracting companies and such, Rite Aide may merge with Walgreen's, so people are jumping ship in case that happens. But maybe you want contractor work?

      I work in an iSeries shop in York, PA and we are unplugging ours soon. So a co-worker of mine went to Hunt Valley, MD. There is more opportunities there.

      If you find anything, let me know. I may need it too!

      Good luck.
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        I have an opening for a Sr. Programmer / Analyst in San Clemente, CA...