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How to retrieve a PF file on my desktop?

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  • How to retrieve a PF file on my desktop?


    I have a PF file named "" and I would like to retrieve this file on my desktop.

    Do you know how to do it?

    Thank you in advance

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    It looks like your screenshot is showing DDS source for a PF. If you want the source code itself, just open the source member and copy-and-paste. If you want to download the PF object itself, I think ACS Data Transfer would be a better option.


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      The question is, what you want to do with the file?
      You need to transfer the data to a customer or you want to save some data into EXCEL?
      ... otherwise you should work with the Database Objects, their contents and Sources where they are. You may copy a file into another library (for testing).


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        Thank you for your answers. I would like to retrieve my exercices as in Java for example. It's for my learning.For now, I prefer to "copy/ paste" via notepadd++.


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          I would strongly recommend storing Java source code in stream files rather than source members! Java wasn't really designed to work with source members... even if you can get it to work nicely, you're going to make things much more difficult for other Java programmers.


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            Thank you Scott Klement for your explanations.