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Bypass step into while debugging

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  • Bypass step into while debugging

    I am debugging a program that is the first program of a call stack. Program A, I'll call it, calls PGMB which calls PGMC and so on. Problem is PGMC is a 3rd party software product that has no source on the System i. So, the debugger hiccups when it tries to step into PGMC. Is there a way to make the debugger only step through PGMA and not the subsequent programs that are called.

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    F5 is Step Into, and F6 is Step Over. You should be able to use F5 when you want to step into the called method, and F6 when you don't.


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      You didn't say which debugger you're using, Greg.

      If you're using the system debugger or RDi, there's a step-return option. I use that when I accidentally step into a process that I didn't intend to go into.

      If you're using the prehistoric debugger, press F14 to get a list of the modules, use option 5 to display the module you just came from, set a break point at the next statement, and press F12 to resume execution.

      I'm quite an expert with the debuggers because my code is of such poor quality.


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        Originally posted by tedholt View Post
        you didn't say which debugger you're using, greg.