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I can't post in SQL any more?

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  • I can't post in SQL any more?

    I have made three attempts to post a topic in the SQL forum. Although all three appear to have posted, I get an error 403 trying to view them? And since the original was posted days ago and got 0 views, I assume everyone else gets error 403 too

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    Okay I don't think it's the SQL forum. I think it's something about the content of my post - like some combination of words or characters is tripping up the forum database (the 403 error says Wordfence detected a potentially unsafe operation, maybe it's incorrectly valdating my post as an executable statement). I'm going to do some experimentation in the Off Topic forum later to try and narrow it down.


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      Something about the content of the message is being flagged as "unsafe".


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        Trouble is I can't share the text I was trying to post because that might trigger the bug!
        Best guess, it's something about the text: P.r.i.m.a.r.y. K.e.y.
        (except without the '.'s)


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          Take a screenshot of the text and post the image.


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            Originally posted by UserName10 View Post
            Take a screenshot of the text and post the image.
            I am embarrassed that I didn't think of that...

            Click image for larger version

Name:	primary key.png
Views:	72
Size:	14.9 KB
ID:	151931


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              The first line was to be the topic header

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            In SQL, when you create a Primary Key constraint, the DB engine will create an implicit index to enforce the rules of a Primary Key constraint (unique, not null, etc). So you end up with a separate index anyway. If you're still creating PF's in DDS, then it still good practice to separate the UNIQUE constraint into a Logical to make things more obvious. It also gives you the ability to drop the UNIQUE logical/constraint in the event you need to modify the values in the key fields but can't guarantee that the keys will be unique until the update is finished.


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              That sounds vaguely familiar. I think it had something to do with avoiding locks on the PF. All pgms access LFs but the PF is not locked.