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MMAIL and Microsoft Exchange POP3 server

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  • MMAIL and Microsoft Exchange POP3 server

    As you may already know:
    - MMAIL is an open source utility - available from - that allows your IBMi to create and send any type of e-mail messages, with any type and number of attachments.
    That can be done through simple commands, or invoking some service program procedures in your ILE-RPG programs.
    - MMAIL service programs include also functions to receive incoming mail from POP3 servers.
    - AMailer is a simple webmailer that you may use on your IBMi and demonstrates the MMAIL ability to send a receive mail for different accounts. While the outgoing mail is served by the IBMi SMTP server, the incoming mail is retrieved from outside user mail-boxes.
    - PRCUSRMAIL (Process User Mail), is a MMAIL command that retrieves incoming mail for a given user account and makes mail body and attachments available to local programs for processing (example: purchase orders received through mail).

    The todays news is that MMAIL, while before was able to receive incoming mail only from mail boxes served by the traditional POP3, since February 6, 2015 is also able to receive incoming mail also from mail boxes served by Microsofr Exchange POP3.

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    MMAIL author site owner