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Source Control and master documents

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  • Source Control and master documents

    Just curious as we don't have a full fledged source control system. We often create a master document that links several programs/processes together. But inevitably no matter what we try those documents get out of date as the programs change. Do SC packages give you the ability to link a program with a document so that it can give a heads up that you will need to update or at least look at the master document when making changes to the program?

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    Re: Source Control and master documents

    I'm not totally sure of what you're asking - sells a great change management (what I would call source control) product called MDCMS - give them a call at 877-290-6714 - they might be able to helpl


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      Re: Source Control and master documents

      We might create a word document detailing how a process flows and outlining some of the logic in each of the program. Might even be a document we bring to a meeting to discuss the process flow.

      We then put this out on a network drive so everyone can get at it. Eventually though someone will make a change to the flow and not update the word document, either because they did not realize they were supposed to, might not know about it, or might be in a lazy mood one day and not do it.

      Just wondering if there was any mechanism built into these software packages to assist in making sure these documents stay up to date and are find able if someone is looking.

      I will call if we decide to go down the road with it. Thanks.


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        Re: Source Control and master documents

        I would make a standard to reference in the source code the document.

        Cross reference tools will tell you what are related objects. (not word docs, just I5)
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          Re: Source Control and master documents

          That was the thought that brought this up. Just wanted to see if there was anything out there that made it easier to find and update. Thanks.


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            Re: Source Control and master documents

            ChangefIT might cater for what you want.

            ChangefIT creates an IFS directory for each Project as well as each Task within each Projects. Documents can be placed therein and then viewed from the Project and/or Task Enquiry programs. The remaining part to be done manually is to actually put the document in the IFS.

            BTW... empty Task directories are deleted when the Project is signed-off.
            BTW... this feature is in the free version, i.e. ChangefIT v2.31.
            BTW... If required, we could add in the option to copy the document to another Task (either manually or automatically). This way the document would then have a "follow me" feature and would always be added to any new Task created for that source member.

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