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*** SYNON - QUICK QUESTION -, Please help ***

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  • *** SYNON - QUICK QUESTION -, Please help ***

    I have a Synon Program that has multiple Internal and External Functions, and I am trying to find what is changed in the program ( inside the model ). I do see Find and Scan in which i can specify a specific date, and press F7-SCAN to look for each line that was changed.

    I also do see, I can press F16- to show the date that was changed inside the model action diagram.

    But, my problem is, that find and Scan works on that level, and if there are multiple functions, then I need to zoom in each function to do a find and Scan.

    When i open the code in PDM, then the date changed all showing as 00/00/0000.

    Is there a way in the model/outside the model that I can see/scan/find the code that was modified after a certain date in the entire program ?

    I don't know on which data file the Synon Stores the date modified, so i can look into that table and see which lines are changed . If anyone knows which table Synon the changed date, please let me know.

    Thank You