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iACS 5250 Emulator Keyboard Lock Issue

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  • iACS 5250 Emulator Keyboard Lock Issue

    A strange bug has just started occurring for me when using iACS 5250 Emulators for the iSeries green screen. Any time I click out of my 5250 session to another application and click back into the 5250 session, it will no longer accept any keyboard input. I can use the mouse to change cursor position, and can scroll through display files but cannot use any keyboard functions or type text.
    When I click out of the session and back into it again, it starts accepting keyboard input again.

    This is not happening for my coworker, and just started happening to me today. I've been using it without issues for about 6 months. I haven't updated ACS since I've had it, but have recently updated my Java JDK from Java 11 to Java 13. I did this about a month ago.

    I've restarted my machine, and issues continue to pursue. I've tried just restarting ACS and that also seems to not fix it.
    Any ideas why this would be happening? I'd like to find a fix for this but have been unsuccessful in finding another occurrence of this happening anywhere online.

    I'm using ACS version (64bit) for Windows 10.

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    I guess the first thing I would try is to update iACS to the currently available version ( to see if that fixes the problem.