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NEW TOOL: List of obects with ALL attributes and more

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  • NEW TOOL: List of obects with ALL attributes and more

    Tool "List400" works with lists of objects, libraries, file members and also objects of certain types (*PGM, *JRNRCV,...) with attributes specific to those types.

    In addition to well-known commands (WRKOBJ, WRKOBJPDM,...) this application provides:
    • A list of ALL attributes, or just main attributes.
    • A capability to SORT and/or SUBSELECT elements of list by ANY attribute (size, modification date, owner, journaling,...).
    • List of objects with Authority.
    • Many options for work with selected element from the list.
    • Adjustable Views showing the desired set of attributes and their sequence.
    • Display of the Number of elements in the list.
    • Bigger number of displayed elements in the list - up to 444,444 (if the number of elements exceeds 31,763 WRKOBJPDM does not display the list, but only sends the message "PDM cannot complete the display list" ).
    A sample view showing a list of objects sorted by size:
    (Unfortunately I failed to put the image in the post. You can see it at

    Additionally it provides:
    • Capability to display and EDIT on screen the contents of objects of *USRSPC and *DTAARA types in hexadecimal and symbolic format.
    • Work with *DTAQ: displaying attributes and messages, sending messages to *DTAQ, clearing *DTAQ.
    • By working with objects of *FILE type with attribute PF/LF or their members you can, with a DF (Display File) options, see their contents without the need to issue command STRSQL, then SELEC...
    Should you be interested in the Tool, go to