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EHLLAPI in Excel 64-bit

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  • EHLLAPI in Excel 64-bit

    Hello all,

    The company I work for is going through a technology modernization push, and recently upgraded to IBM IAccess Client Solutions which broke our VBA based Excel macros. Fortunately i was able to convert the macros to use the EHLLAPI interface to work with both the new and old clients to keep our operation running (with the added side effect of being faster and more stable than using the old COM Objects!).

    However, now IT is moving to Office 365, and wants to install the 64-bit version on all computers. Unfortunately the EHLLAPI Bridge simply does not work on 64-bit Excel, due to being a 32-bit DLL. So I was wondering if anyone has found a way to get this to work in 64-bit Excel. Googling has turned up very few leads. Thank you very much.

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    There is a RFE open with IBM to provide this support so I would suggest getting as many people to vote for it as you can:


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      Thank you. I will pass this RFE to our IT team and see what they can do. I would think that IBM would make this a priority as user-side automation of iSeries systems is a huge advantage that it has over many competitors.