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  • Is API outage required when an IWS API program is changed ??

    //Re-posting here to get some traction//


    We use IWS Wizard to expose RPG programs as APIs. At times we need to make changes in that RPG program and there can be two types of change.

    a) I/O parameter change
    b) NO I/O parameter change, but logic change...
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  • RBlanco
    started a topic TCP7531 unmonitored by YAJLR4

    TCP7531 unmonitored by YAJLR4

    I need help to find out why YAJLR4 is producing the TCP7531 error "All data provided was not successfully written to STDOUT.".

    The YAJLR4 statement line contains:
    QtmhWrStout( %addr(Headers) + 2 : %len(Headers) : errorCode );

    I created an IWS REST service...
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  • Vinoth
    started a topic Implementing Rest service with Json String and Scott's yajl library
    in HTTP

    Implementing Rest service with Json String and Scott's yajl library


    I am developing a program using Scott's yajl libraries to process the Json String into DB2 table. I have two questions,

    1. More generic, we are using V 7.2 - Is it ideal to use yajl libraries or we need to consider using DATA-INTO and Json tables for efficiency. Json...
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  • pshanmugam
    started a topic http_post_xml API

    http_post_xml API

    Hello Everyone, I am using an external tool to generate an XML payload and send it to destination web service with help of http_post_xml API. Could see log file created with response as 200. However return code (rc) from API shows as 500 and so program marks it as an error. Not sure if I am missing s...
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  • Vendor's Service Program Procedures Don't Work in My Service Program Procedure

    Yes, I'm sure that subject confused some of you. I don't know how else to sum up the issue I'm having. Here is the longer version:

    Background: We use a third-party IBM i SDK that translates and makes a REST API call. By translate, I mean that we load up a bunch of data structures and...
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  • deep
    started a topic Python on IBM I-series/AS400

    Python on IBM I-series/AS400

    IBM has many open source technology stacks in their i-series machines. Does anyone know whether IBM officially provides support for Python language like they do for native RPG/CL language ??
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  • zs6jce
    started a topic Java Listening for RPGLE Callback
    in JAVA

    Java Listening for RPGLE Callback

    I am trying to re-write the C based Sample Debugger (refer link below) into a Java Program Running in Eclipse.

    IBM Knowledge Center - Example Using source debugger APIs

    How would I go about register a Java program...
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  • Infant Tom
    started a topic Retrieve record count of Multimember PF

    Retrieve record count of Multimember PF


    I'm in search for a way to retrieve the total number of records in a multimember physical file in a single command.

    I dont want to use RTVMBRD in a loop and also read the count by using outfile from DSPFD.

    Is there any other way ( like API's) which will...
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  • Retrieving the current record count of an executing SQL operation

    If an RPG program executes an SQL statement such as "DELETE FROM table1", is there any way to retrieve the number of records that it has currently deleted similar to how the interactive SQL session on the iSeries manages it?

    I might be deleting from large files and it would...
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  • Sascha
    started a topic [API] QSPGETSP: Get print Content of Spoolfile problems

    [API] QSPGETSP: Get print Content of Spoolfile problems


    I'd like to search in a spoolfile and therefore I read the spoolfile into a userspace object.

    But my result "WorkString" (bold formated) is either blank or has some mysterious content.
    I cannot recognize any error so far, but that is my first meeting...
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  • coine
    started a topic Doubts about API Qc3CalculateHash

    Doubts about API Qc3CalculateHash

    Hi everyone! I need your help

    Can someone tell me what is the capacity size of API Qc3CalculateHash?
    I have V5R4 version. That the next versions increase that same capacity?
    My example of AOI Qc3CalculateHash is:

    Dapicalhash pr extproc('Qc3CalculateHash')...
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  • Koss53044
    started a topic API usage in CL programs

    API usage in CL programs

    Long time viewer...first time poster.

    I have written a CL program which monitors the process of an overnight job that spawns multiple batch jobs. It is for testing on our development system so we can run/simulate multiple days in a row. The purpose is to submit a new overnight job when...
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    started a topic API QUSRSPLA with CPF3C40 error

    API QUSRSPLA with CPF3C40 error

    Hello, I'm using the program DLTOLDSPLF (RPG version) from IBM to delete spool files with more then x days. All was fine until today when i have a CPF3C40 error message and the DLTOLDSPLF program stop at statment 18000 (the CALL to the API QUSRSPLA). The message is OK since the spool file no longer e...
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