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  • How to convert java string to System I alphanumeric

    Hello, Im trying to move a java string to an alphanumeric System I subfile field. The compiler isnt allowing it. How do I convert java string to String to System i alphanumeric. I could noit find anything about it on google.

    rsmd = jdbc_GetMetaData(rs);
    colcnt = jdbc_GetColCount(rsmd);...
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  • Alabama Mothman
    started a topic getMetaData Example
    in DB2

    getMetaData Example

    Trying to use RPGILE to obtain a DB2 metadata resultset. Does someone know of a DB2 RPGILE getMetaData example. Do I first have to get a "select" result set before using getMetaData... Trying to get columns and data attributes. Similar to DBU.

    Or can it be built without a beforehand...
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  • DeadManWalks
    started a topic Procedures


    New shop , new stuff. New people who have never done the 400. So I began to wonder if there was a way to determine what procedures are available to use, except searching the /copy source or the /export source. That works just fine, I was wondering what other people do and if there was a more elegant...
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  • shailu
    started a topic Activatin group??

    Activatin group??


    I am new to this field. As per my understanding I had a doubt regarding activation group.

    I have two rpgle programs PGMA and PGMB.

    PGMA is running in activation group named ACTVGRP1
    PGMB is running in activation group named ACTVGRP2
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  • senmalar
    started a topic Subfiles


    Hai friends,
    I need to design a subfile such that when a user press 1 against a employee number,it should display the details of the selected employee.Pls help me.
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