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  • InfraRed
    started a topic Setting SFTP - access denied...

    Setting SFTP - access denied...

    Hi all,

    20 years in iSeries (development side), first time setting SFTP - all on my own

    I followed instructions up to the point when I send public key to the other side.
    Their reply was "the public key has been applied".
    When I try to connect I get...
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    Last edited by InfraRed; February 7, 2019, 01:08 PM.

  • g_rajesh_aash
    started a topic SFTP to DR Server Issue

    SFTP to DR Server Issue

    Hi, I have scenario where SFTP fails with DR server. Need advice on this please.

    We are transferring files to a downstream with sftp with wideip of downstream server. The keys were exchanged and we have the downstream server, IP, Host key in /home/sftpuser/.ssh/known_hosts. The downstream...
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  • voicucosmin90
    started a topic CL for FTP -> SFTP transfer

    CL for FTP -> SFTP transfer

    Hi guys,
    I have to do secured FTP to transfer a file to another server, I don't have all the details about this server and I don't have a very large knowledge about SFTP.
    Until now I did simple FTP, some CL programm, to transfer files to another servers.
    Are there major difference...
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  • swaps400
    started a topic SFTP Batch Authentication Failed

    SFTP Batch Authentication Failed

    I have installed keys and have tried the connectivity with remote server from AS400 using CALL QP2TERM and then logging into SFTP server using command - sftp -oPort=123

    It works fine.

    But when I try the same thing in QSH through CL batch program it gives...
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  • LBurkett99
    started a topic Transfer save files

    Transfer save files

    We have stopped using FTP for security reasons and are using SFTP instead. FTP was the way I transferred save files between the iSeries and PC's. Is there a another way I can do this?
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  • swaps400
    started a topic SFTP Set up

    SFTP Set up

    Hello Everyone
    I am setting up the SFTP connection. I have got the public keys installed on the remote server. All I got to do now is to run this command -
    ssh -T

    But on running this command, I received no response on shell prompt. To make it clear...
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  • swaps400
    started a topic SFTP Question/s?

    SFTP Question/s?

    I need to extract the file from SFTP server and load it into AS400 structured file. So far I could manually do it by downloading the file to PC and then uploading it directly to AS400 structured file.

    I need to create batch program to do this.

    1. Can we directly...
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