Retrieve IP Address

Retrieve IP Address505 DownloadsProcedure to retrieve IP address assigned to a specific hardware device.   Download Now!

Encrypt/Decrypt string

Encrypt/Decrypt string359 DownloadsProcedure to encrypt a string based on a seed– A good enhancement would be to make the seed passable and create a table to hold multiple seeds based on some key.  Please download the source and follow instructions

Check Object on IFS or Server

Check Object on IFS or Server534 DownloadsUse this procedure to determine if IFS or Server object exists.   Download Now!

Library List using SQL

Library List using SQL515 DownloadsRetrieve library list within RPGLE using SQL Download Now!

QUSRJOBI – Retrieve Library List

QUSRJOBI – Retrieve Library List543 DownloadsThe Retrieve Job Information (QUSRJOBI) API retrieves specific information about a job. Download Now!

Caller – Procedure

Caller – Procedure367 DownloadsProcedure to return calling program Download Now!