Install JAVA 7 & 8 on V7R2 in preparation of V7R3 and 9.2.2

version 7 is part of OS on V7R2 and must be installed thru:
Option 11



Download instructions from IBM
The media for JDK 8.0 is available from IBM’s Entitled Systems Support site. Here are a few screen shots
to help locate the specific download.

1) Sign in

2) Click on the “My Entitled Software” link.

NOTE: This assumes that you have your systems properly registered to your account.

3) Click on the “Software downloads” link.

If “Software downloads” does not appear in the list, you do not currently have an IBM customer number associated with a valid IBM SWMA contract associated with your IBM ID. Please proceed to register a valid IBM SWMA customer number using the “Register IBM customer number” link. Once your IBM customer number has been registered with your IBM ID, you should see the “Software downloads” link and can proceed to the next step.

4) Choose an ‘IBM i’ for the Operating System and select your OS Version. Then, click the “Continue” button.

5) Check the Operating System Component ID. Scroll down and click the “Continue” button.

6) Select the desired language and click the “Continue” button.

7) Find the options to download. You must click ‘details’ next to 5770-SS1, then click ‘packages’ next to the ‘5827: i7.2 B_GROUP1 v07.02.00,ENU,DVD’. You will then see the options listed under this.

Select whichever option(s) you wish to download, then scroll down and click ‘Continue’.

8) Accept the license agreement by clicking the “I agree” button to begin the download.

Once you have downloaded
• Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2274_00.iso.ZIP
• Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2273_00.iso.ZIP

Extract them from zipped file & Get them to IFS on the system you are going to install them on.

Then follow the below install instructions:

You will want to download the zip files to your PC per the instructions above, create the directory /jdk8 (MKDIR ‘/jdk8’) on your IBM i server, and transfer the zip files to the IFS directory, /jdk8, (use a mapped network drive, FTP, or iNav connection).

Please refer to the following file names based on your IBM i OS VRM you have downloaded these LPPs for.

File Names:
IBM i 7.1:
Developer Kit for Java 8.0 32bit – Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit_5761_JV1_LCD8_2271_00.iso.ZIP
Developer Kit for Java 8.0 64bit – Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit_5761_JV1_LCD8_2272_00.iso.ZIP

IBM i 7.2 and later:
Developer Kit for Java 8.0 32bit – Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2273_00.iso.ZIP
Developer Kit for Java 8.0 64bit – Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2274_00.iso.ZIP

Then, unzip the files to extract the ISO image files.

NOTE: The following commands use the file names for IBM i 7.2 and later. If you are installing on IBM i 7.1 OS, you will need to change the file names in the commands below accordingly using the file names above for IBM i 7.1.
[cc lang=”php”]
cd /jdk8
jar xvf Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2273_00.iso.ZIP
jar xvf Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2274_00.iso.ZIP
Once the ISO image files have been extracted from the zip files, use the instructions below for installing JDK 8.0 using an image catalog.
[cc lang=”php”]
Important Note: The CHGOPTA command must be issued before the LODIMGCLG command shown below. If it is issued after the LODIMGCLG command, you will need to re-load the catalog.
[cc lang=”php”]

ADDIMGCLGE IMGCLG(jdk8) FROMFILE(‘/jdk8/Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2273_00.iso’) TOFILE(*fromfile)

ADDIMGCLGE IMGCLG(jdk8) FROMFILE(‘/jdk8/Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit_5770_JV1_LCD8_2274_00.iso’) TOFILE(*fromfile)

CRTDEVOPT DEVD(OPTVRT01) RSRCNAME(*VRT) NOTE: If the OPTVRT01 device description already exists, please continue to the next step.


Ensure the Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_32bit image is mounted in WRKIMGCLGE IMGCLG(jdk8). You can enter option 6 next to the image to mount it.
[cc lang=”php”]
Ensure the Developer_Kit_for_Java_8_64bit image is mounted in WRKIMGCLGE IMGCLG(jdk8). You can enter option 6 next to the image to mount it.
[cc lang=”php”]
Finally, download and install the latest IBM i Java Group PTF to complete the LPP installation.
IBM i 7.1 – SF99572
IBM i 7.2 – SF99716
IBM i 7.3 – SF99725

Now go to Link Manager to see that it has automatically switched to 8.0 64 bit.
Make change via:

Link Manager: Configuration: Environments: Global: Java Runtime.

Click on the yellow pencil. Change here to java 8

Restart the environment.

Goto green screen type: WRKJVMJOB

Do not forget to install the latest PTF cum tape.

XA (MAPICS) JAVA 8 upgrade process