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Determine if a service is running on SQL

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  • Determine if a service is running on SQL

    I know I'm not going to ask this correctly. I hope I can explain it. I have a program that uses JDBCR4 to kick off a third-party application on an SQL Server. While it hasn't happened yet, I'm concerned that at some point the service won't be started. If that happens, the program that runs that program will just sit on our ISeries until someone notices that it hasn't run. Since the program is critical, I'd rather not have it sit for hours.

    What we would like to do is check to see if the service is started before I try to run the job.

    I've tried to search using GOOGLE to see if I can find something, but I haven't hit on the right combination of terms.

    Someone I work with had a "Powershell" program set up that could do this, but that's a little outside of my experience.

    Does anyone know a way to do this? To connect to the SQL server and ask it if XYZ is running? (Or some kind of phrase I should try to search with?)

    As always, thank you


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    Are you wanting to check SQL Server or the 3rd party app running on the same Windows server as SQL Server?


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      Hi, jtaylor___ thank you for replying. I was looking for a way to make sure the 3rd party app was running. Our tech guys set it up so that our network monitoring tool checks that it is started and will attempt to restart the service if it is not running. I think we're good. Thank you again for your time