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  • Personal Hosting for IBM i Discussion

    Looking for a personal hosting where you have all kinds of authority.

    I have tried timeshare400, rikascom, pub400. Are there others that will allow you *SECOFR?

    I have seen this old thread https://code400.com/forum/forum/iser...l-hosted-ibm-i but I can't find the purchase options on idevcloud but it can no longer be reached. I'm also looking at https://cloud.ibm.com/catalog/servic...virtual-server and it's $400.00 per month it breaks my heart.

    Buying an old server and running it myself ? Or RZKH's private developer option?
    private developers only: your private IBM i V7R2 developer environment. Your dedicated logical partition (LPAR) with *SECOFR access, 100GB Disk, 2GB RAM (no backup included, fair usage policy)
    => starting at EUR 99.00 monthly (yearly payment, EU residents may need to add local VAT)

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    As long as you are working on PUB400 you'll not get QSECOFR authority. ... but RZKH also small partitions, but this have to be paid. You may double check how expensive a small partition is.


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      I use iDevCloud.com, its not free, but gives me an entire partition with QSECOFR access that I can use for almost anything I want to.

      There are other cloud services available, such as IBM Cloud. I haven't tried them, though.