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Change DSPF input - output to different method

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  • Change DSPF input - output to different method

    Looking for magic (LOL) on this one. Hopefully I can get my point across. We have a interactive function utilizing a DSPF with multiple formats that our users will use for updating inventory. We would like to eliminate the user from doing this and automate this same function by maybe changing the function to utilize the fields, etc that the DSPF uses but retrieve that data in another fashion into the program. So basically want to minimize code changes (business rules, etc) but change the way the program receives the data the user enters to some other method (parameters, table version of the DSPF, etc). Would be like using a BOT that would read an excel file and auto fill the DSPF fields and execute the function. Any ideas? Questions?

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    If you're looking for a free option, there's Albert York's TNAPI, found here:

    (There's a similarly named tool TN400API on the page -- but, they are different, so make sure you find the TNAPI one.)